US Digital Media Employees Show School Spirit On College Colors Day 2013

college-colors-usdmAs a CLC licensed manufacturer, we were proud to participate in College Colors Day! This annual event which coincides with “back to school” and the kick-off of intercollegiate athletics, strives to advocate higher education through increased public awareness, and celebrates the achievements of colleges and universities, acknowledging their fundamental importance.

And since US Digital Media has cool college mobile accessories from over 180 universities and college sports teams, we are using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and our blogs to let our friends and customers know that they can find something to show their school pride at work, home or play!

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Get Well Soon Danny!

DannySome little boys play with trucks outside, others fight with swords in the play room with brothers and sisters. But Danny loves to watch Bobby Flay and just about any other cooking show on the Food Network. Unfortunately, Danny can’t eat. He hasn’t since November 30, 2013 when he had surgery to get a new tummy.

Super Danny was diagnosed with chronic intestinal pseudobsttuction and due to complications developed short gut syndrome. Because of his illness, he needed a new tummy otherwise known as a small bowel transplant. This meant that the one thing he loved about life, food, was no longer available to him.

We found out about Danny through one of our wonderful employees and it has been truly humbling for all of us to do a little to brighten his spirits and bring attention to him and his condition.

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