US Digital Media Exhibits New Products at CES 2013

usdm-ces-booth1The new year is off to an exciting start for US Digital Media! The company took part in the 2013 International CES show in Las Vegas as a first-time exhibitor. At their booth, USDM employees showed off several lines of new, high-tech products and mobile accessories aimed at the retail market.

Introduced last year, the Flashscot line of college USB flash drives allows students and alumni to show their spirit while keeping track of their important data. These drives are available in six different styles, with the most popular being the custom-molded rubber shapes of the schools’ mascots.

New from US Digital Media is the AudioSpice brand of earbuds and headphones. These premium sound headphones are currently available with collegiate and US ARMY logos, with more styles to come. AudioSpice are currently available as in-ear headphones, with over-ear styles to be announced throughout the year. usdm-ces-booth2Another innovation is BudBags, a line of miniature duffel bags which can safely store a pair of earbud headphones for safe keeping. These bags are available with a variety of licensed logos including the US ARMY, Susan G. Komen charities, as well as dozens of major colleges and universities.

Power is an essential part of our increasingly connected lives, which is why US Digital Media is focusing on mobile power with their new line of QuikVolt mobile chargers. These compact devices have the ability to recharge a smart phone, tablet, or other USB-powered device while on the go. APUs will be available with licensed logos starting this year.

usdm-ces-booth3Finally, Guard Dog cases will offer protection for your mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPad, and other popular smart phones such as the Samsung Galaxy. These durable, branded cases will protect against scratches and scuffs while expressing the user’s personality.

As US Digital Media moves further into the retail market, we look forward to another exciting year! Please visit us at to stay up to date on the latest product news and announcements, as well as our upcoming trade shows and events.

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